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B & G First Kiss Wilt 16cm   (BP001)
B & G Swirl Skirt W/Pink Ribbon 120mm   (BP008)
B & G Puff Sleeve & Veil Med 90mm   (BP012)
Bride & Groom Funky Dark Ceramic 5   (BP013D)
Bride & Groom Funky Blond Ceramic 5   (BP013L)
B & G Green Bouquet 3   (BP018)
B & G Green Bouquet Tiny 40mm   (BP020)
B & G Bianca Clear 5.25 Wilton   (BP0200)
B & G Elegant W/Posy 100mm   (BP021)
B & G Top Hat Groom long Veil 65mm   (BP101)
Bridesmaids 75mm   (BP300)
Bridesmaids Elegant 110mm +   (BP301)
Bridesmaids P B W 47mm   (BP304)
Flower Girl 65mm   (BP307)
B & G Threshold of Happiness Wiltn   (BP308)
Prince & Princess Ceramic 6.5   (BP504)
B & G Sugar on Spike 150mm   (BP509)
B & G Sugar Sitting on Edg 150mm   (BP510)
B & G Sugar Bachi Bears 10cm   (BP511)
B & G Sugar on Spike 100mm   (BP512)
B & G Now I have You Wilton 140mm   (BP521)
B & G Oh No You Dont Resin Wilton   (BP522)
B & G Ball & Chain 110mm   (BP524)
B & G Runaway Bride 10cm   (BP525)
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