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P/Pans 340 Xmas Holly Pk1000   (PPX340)
P/Pans 350 Xmas Holly Pk500   (PPX350)
P/Pans 380 Xmas Holly Pk500   (PPX380)
P/Pans 408 Xmas Holly&BerryPk100   (PPX408)
P/Pans 408 Xmas Holly Pk 500   (PPX408H)
P/Pans 550 Xmas Holly&Berry Pk100   (PPX550)
P/Pans 550 Xmas Holly Pk 500   (PPX550H)
P/Pans 700 Xmas Holly&Berry Pk100   (PPX700)
P/Pans 700 Xmas Holly Pk 500   (PPX700H)
Xmas Acetate Band Bauble Pattern 50mm x 25 yards   (XP001B)
Xmas Frill UK Gold Pattern 23m   (XP001G)
Xmas Frill UK Red Pattern 23m   (XP001R)
Xmas Frill UK Silver Pattern 23m   (XP001S)
Xmas Cello Sheet Holly 50cm x 75cm 1 Sheet   (XP005)
Xmas Bags W/Holly 100 x 230 x 50 PK1000   (XPACB)
Xmas Cello Roll Holly 750mm x 10meter Roll   (XPR020)
Xmas Cello Roll Holly 700mm x 25meter Roll   (XPR02025)
Merry Christmas Gold on Red 80mm   (XSC006)
Merry Christmas Gold/ Red w/Holly 120mm   (XSC008)
Pick Santa Merry Christmas 100mm   (XSC018)
Pick Merry Christmas & Bells 100mm   (XSC019)
Merry Christmas Gld/ed/Wh W/Holly 100mm   (XSC020)
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