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Ballerina - Kneeling 50mm   (NOVBALK)
Ballerina on bud - Small 65mm   (NOVBALS)
Barbeque Grill Topper +   (NOVBBQ)
Balloon Bunch Small Bright 50mm   (NOVBLN01)
Balloon Bunch Black 80mm   (NOVBLN02)
Balloon Bunch Large Bright 100mm +   (NOVBLN03)
Dummy Tiny Plastic Pink 25mm Pk18   (NOVCH640)
Dummy Tiny Plastic Blue 25mm Pk18   (NOVCH641)
Dummy Plastic Pink 50mm Pk4   (NOVCH642)
Dummy Plastic Blue 50mm Pk4   (NOVCH643)
Rattle Baby Pink 65mm Pk6   (NOVCH646)
Rattle Baby Blue 65mm Pk6   (NOVCH647)
Booties Clear Plastic Pink 75mm Pk2   (NOVCH652)
Booties Clear Plastic Blue 75mm Pk2   (NOVCH653)
Baby Bottles Pink 85mm Pk 4   (NOVCH656)
Baby Bottles Blue 85mm Pk 4   (NOVCH657)
Pram Plastic Pink 50mm Pk2   (NOVCH658)
Pram Plastic Blue 50mm Pk2   (NOVCH659)
Rocking Horse Blue 50mm   (NOVCHR03B)
Rocking Horse Pink 50mm   (NOVCHR03P)
Sleep Baby on Pillow - Tiny Bl 25mm   (NOVCHR05B)
Sleepin Baby Blue (pair)70mm   (NOVCHR08P)
Baby Dinosaur in Shell 40mm   (NOVCHR10)
Clown & Hoop - Plastic 75mm   (NOVCLO01)
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