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FM Octagonal Cutter set of 4   (CTFM135)
No Image available FM Alpha Lower Case Funky Set   (CTFMA145)
FM Alpha & Number Up Case Set   (CTFMAC140)
FM Alpha Lower Case Set Bold   (CTFMAC141)
FM Alpha & Number Italic Upp Case   (CTFMAC142)
FM Alpha Lower Case Script   (CTFMAC143)
FM Alpha & Number Funky Set   (CTFMAC144)
FM Treebark & Brick Impress Mat   (CTFMC48)
FM Bead Cutter #3   (CTFMCBEAD3)
FM Celebration Cutter Set of 2   (CTFMCC109)
FM Garden & D.I.Y Cutters   (CTFMCGDIY)
No Image available FM Decorative Design Set   (CTFMDECO1)
FM Press Ice Diamond Pattern   (CTFMDP1)
FM Press Ice Drape 3 Pattern   (CTFMDR3)
FM Ejector only   (CTFMEC)
No Image available FM Animals Farm Domestic   (CTFMFarm)
FM Animals Farm Domestic   (CTFMFC131)
FM Straight Frill Set   (CTFMFC136)
FM Garret Frill Cutter   (CTFMGC106)
FM Hearts & Cherubs cutters   (CTFMHC)
FM Heart Cutter Set 3   (CTFMHC103)
FM Textured Lace Set 2   (CTFML02)
FM Mens Accessories   (CTFMM124)
FM Music & Sports set   (CTFMMC126)
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