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Scraper Bowl Silicone 255mm   (BELS0245RP)
Scraper Bowl Silicone 250mm   (BELS0246RP)
Scraper Bowl Silicone 235mm   (BELS0248RP)
Scraper Bowl 122 x 90 Semi   (BELS2310)
Scraper Bowl Curved 125 x 88 Str Edg   (BELS2320)
Scraper Cream 138 x 98 Rect   (BELS2330)
Scraper Comb 112 x 75   (BELS2340)
Scraper Dough/Cutter Large S/S 28cm long   (BELS3408)
Scraper Cutter S/S Blade 120x100   (BELS3612)
Scraper Dough/Ctr 216 x 128   (BELS37053)
Scraper Dough/Cutter S/S 120 x 150   (BELS3715)
Scraper Bowl 198 x 149   (BELS37193)
Scraper Bowl 160 x 120   (BELS37373)
Scraper Cutter S/S Blade 120x110   (BELS47031)
Scraper Rubber S/S Hdle 60x30   (BELS4720)
Scraper Rubber S/S Hdle 120x75   (BELS4732)
Scraper Cutter S/S Blade 135x135   (BELS68615)
Scraper Ganache Large S/S 80x300mm   (BELSCRAPEL)
Scraper Dough H/Duty 18 x 12.5cm   (BELT1014)
Scraper Metal 120 x 100mm   (BELT80)
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