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Mould Teddy Wired 3D 40x65x30mm   (DEMPBB10)
Mould Standng Teddy 70 x 80 x 50mm   (DEMPBB11)
Mould 2 Teddies 30 x 35 x 5mm   (DEMPBB12)
Mould 2 Teddies 40 x 55 x 5mm   (DEMPBB13)
Mould Wirey Teddy 3D 30 x 40 x 30mm   (DEMPBB14)
Mould Baby Boy Stuff 20 x 20 x 3mm   (DEMPBB15)
Mould Baby Girl Stuff 20 x 20 x 3mm   (DEMPBB16)
Mould Silicone Baby Ass 100x65mm   (DEMPBB2)
Mould Silicone Heart & Pin 85x105mm   (DEMPBB3)
Mould Silicone Bib & Booties 85x85mm   (DEMPBB4)
Mould Silicone Rattle & Feet 45x85mm   (DEMPBB5)
Mould Silicone Feet 40x30mm   (DEMPBB6)
Mould Baby Feet 25 x 35 x 8mm   (DEMPBB7)
Mould Booties 35 x 45 x 10mm   (DEMPBB8)
Mould Baby 3D 30 x 55 x 20mm   (DEMPBB9)
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