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Blossom Cutter large 55mm   (CT1)
Orchid Cattleya Set of 3 Cutter 35mm   (CT10)
Daphne Small 4 petal Cutter 20mm   (CT107)
Open Daisy Metal Cutter   (ct117)
Daisy Everlasting Large   (ct123)
Blossom 6 petal cutter large 40mm   (ct129)
Orchid Cymbid Set of 2 Cutters 50mm   (CT13)
Daisy Chrysantheum   (ct133)
Hydrangea set of 2 36 &20 mm   (CT139)
Frangapani Cutter Set of 5 15-40mm   (CT14)
Leaf Cutter 40-70mm Set4   (CT149)
Blosssom Cutter Tiny 19mm   (CT15)
Poinsietta Sml set of 2   (ct151)
Poinsietta Lge set of 2   (ct152)
Moth Orchid Cutter Set of 3   (ct154)
Gum Leaves Set of 4 Cuttter 35-60mm   (CT16)
Peony Cutter Set5   (CT160)
Rose Cutter Formal Set 4   (CT168)
Lily Cutter (Arum) 25-35-50mm Set 3   (CT173)
Lily Cutter (Water)75 + 100mm Set 2   (CT181)
Rose Iceburg   (CT185)
Tiger Lily Cutter 60mm   (ct187)
Jonquil Cutter   (ct188)
Gerbra Cutter   (ct190)
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